Elouera Hire

There are numerous businesses that make up Elouera Hire.  This is a business we operate on Yass Road as you come into Cootamundra from Young.  It is located opposite the service station. 

The Many Services Offered

These include the Hire business that hires equipment like tools, trailers and gardening equipment etc.  We then have our party hire where you can book a marquee, stage, dance floor, tables and chairs, table cloths, cutlery, glassware and fancy lighting. 

We have a car hire business that currently has four utes and one passenger vehicle for hire.  Our Elouera Ice works produces bagged ice and wholesales this to petrol stations and shops using freezers we can provide for their point of sale. 

Lastly we have a Property Care business that does cleaning and gardening services.

Why a Social Enterprise

A Social Enterprise is a business that supports the community with all benefits returning to that community.  The Elouera Association Ltd is a Not for Profit organisation and all profits from our Hire operations go back into new equipment or facilities at the various sub businesses or other equally important Elouera Association Ltd operations.


Our employee’s with a disability come from Cootamundra, Young, Temora Junee and Harden with many accessing work via Elouera Transport.  All employees are trained in the various aspects of the Hire Business including,

Bagging the ice and storing it in the huge freezer, ice deliveries and cleaning and servicing the sales point freezers. 

With the equipment on its return its checked over, cleaned and refuelled if needed ready to go out again to the next customer.

The hire cars need to be cleaned on their return, checked for damage, have their lights and brakes checked and made ready for the next customer.

Party hire can be small jobs renting a few chairs to massive wedding events for up to 120 people. Occasionally you may need to work in the evening or a weekend to pack up following an event. 

The Property Maintenance business currently is limited to the garden maintenance as most of the cleaning occurs after normal working hours. 

Employees with a disability are employed on a productivity based wage.  This means they can work to their ability and be paid the percentage of the award they can achieve.  So if someone can only preform half the required tasks at a slower rate, that’s OK, we calculate a wage based on that outcome.  There is no pressure on you to do more than your capable or comfortable to do.  This is a similar process to the Supported Wage Provision found in every award in Australia. 

Employees are supported by Disability Support Officers at the site who train guide and counsel them through their various challenges and towards their goals. 


Your support costs are covered by the NDIS, we can review your current plan to see if you have funding or assist you to have a change of circumstances review and have employment added to your plans goals. 

Learn more about Elouera Hire

Please contact our Operations Manager Shona Neale on 02 6942 2064 or email her on shona@elouera-association.com.

We can arrange a time for you and your support person if you like, to meet with us, discuss employment options and view our various job opportunities.  We can even arrange trial days for you to give it a go.