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Elouera Association is an  Registered NDIS Provider

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Located in the country town of Cootamundra the Elouera Special School is an educational centre of excellence providing individualised supports to students with a disability from Kinder to Year 12.  The school is located in Scott Avenue, a quiet cul-de-sac near the retirement village and the Cootamundra High School.  Built on large grounds with room to expand, we have developed facilities that are second to none in the region. 

Providing individual tailored programs to all of its students in the Junior, Middle and Senior class rooms, Elouera Special school caters for students from Kinder Early Stage 1 to Year 12 Stage 6 Life Skills Curriculum and is fully registered with NESA.

Elouera Special School provides education to School aged children 4-18 who have a moderate to severe disability, autism (with an intellectual disability) or multiple disabilities.  Being part of a larger organisation our students also enjoy a comprehensive transition to work or transition to Community Participation in their final years at School. 

Students from the Cootamundra, Young, Temora and Harden areas may qualify for Government funded taxi services that bring your child from home to School and back again, this also applies for those living out of town on a property.

NRL Visit to the School                                               Fire Truck Visit (no fires)


Every child attending our school has an individual education plan that identifies that child's needs and ensures their work is appropriate to their needs.  Every plan is worked out in consultation with the family ensuring they can assist their child to maximise their potential.  Most importantly, we make learning fun while meeting NESA requirements.

At the Elouera Special School families are part of the program and are fully involved. 

Mike and Judy Forster open the Forster Building                       Book Parade down Main Street


Our students love using the computers, Smartboards, Ipads and specialised learning equipment that we have installed over recent years.  With a huge range of educational software available these days, students learn their core subjects while learning how to use computers at the same time.

Our listening posts allow several different program's, or stories to be listened to at the same time by different students, headsets are cordless allowing students freedom of movement. 

Every class room has access to this technology making the Elouera Special School a modern learning environment.  Every class room at the Elouera Special  School has its own interactive Smartboard.  These TV's (like a huge IPad) bring a whole new dimension to teaching and represent the biggest change since the invention of a black board.  Our staff and students love the interactive qualities and how students can become involved with and not just observers of the days lessons. 

IDPWD Balloon Release                                                            Music Therapy with Teagan


We are lucky to have six qualified Teachers working five class rooms all with many years Special Education experience between them, they are supported by seven dedicated and experienced SLSO.  The team is lead by Leonie Dunn who is our Head Teacher We also enjoy the assistance of many volunteers who undertake activities such as recreation and cooking with our students. 

While we have wonderful facilities at the Elouera Special School it is the staff than make it truly special. 


Please make contact with Allan Young the Elouera Association Inc Chief Executive Officer  on 02 6942 6586 Allan will discuss with you your child's needs and tell you about the school and make a time for you to meet the school staff.  If you like what you see we can commence the enrolment process.  We have a maximum of only 34 students so class sizes are small to better meet students needs. 


In 2019 we added a multi purpose hall to the Elouera Special School that also gave us all weather access to the covered playground.  This was a significant project that largely completed the master plan for the school that was created many years earlier. 

Built by local builder Bryant Constructions at the cost of $545,000 of which the Federal Government provided us $300,000 it was our largest project yet.  The following series of photo's were taken by drone by by Cody James a SLSO at the Elouera Special School. 

The Whole School from Above






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