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1.                        Purpose

This document is to be read in conjunction with the Contract of Employment.  It details the duties of the School Learning Support Officer of the Elouera Special School.  As the positions responsibilities changes, this JDF can be updated to reflect this with the agreement of all parties. 

In general the duties are the performance points that will be assessed when a performance review is undertaken by the Head Teacher.

2            School Learning Support Officer

The School Learning Support Officers role supports the Elouera Special School's main objective of teaching and supporting students with a disability by assisting Teachers in delivering planned education programs and individual education plans  and personal care needs of students in a supportive and inclusive way.

Staff at this level work under limited supervision and they may be expected to participate within a team situation, offering advice and expertise relating to their role.   Education outcomes are determined by the teacher or other professional, with the staff member performing tasks which require discretion in problem solving, decision making and choosing methods and processes to achieve outcomes.  Performance of these tasks may require activities within or outside of the school that result in the supervision of students without the presence of a teacher. 

Under limited guidance, the School Learning Support Officer can be expected to perform tasks within the following range.

                         Provides support and advice to schools and teachers on the individual program of students requiring higher levels of supports including personal care such as toileting, feeding and physical therapy.

                         Assist in the design and implementation of behaviour management plans where asked in consultation with teaching staff and other professionals.

                         Maintain records as required by School Policy on education, medical and behaviour plans.

                         Assist in the training of students in the development of Life Skills that will maximise their independence in future years of their lives.

                         Provide appropriate physical restraint and removal of a students where appropriate.

                         Adhere to the rules, guidelines and spirit of the School Learning Support Officer's Handbook.

                         Supervise work experience students and tertiary placements or lower level staff as directed. 

                         To represent the Elouera Special School and the Elouera Association (Inc) in a positive way at all times.

                         To maintain confidentiality at all times.

3            Outcomes

All individual plans for students are outcome driven, they are based on the individuals and families goals and all staff need to be focussed on achieving reals and measurable outcomes.  Staff will:

                         Be providing classroom, school grounds and community focused supports to enable the delivery of high quality individual focused learning programs.

                         Classroom, School and Community level support is provided to ensure the learning environment is inclusive and relevant, appropriately resourced and maintained with the health and safety of students a high priority.

                         Discretion is exercised in monitoring and subsequently withdrawing assistance to allow the student to independently integrate into the learning environment.

                         Through a variable delivery of the education program, the School Learning Support Officer  assists the student to develop confidence and a sense of wellbeing in a variety of educational and social settings.

                         A high level of input is given in reaching the intended outcomes of any physiotherapy and occupational programs, speech therapy or any program put in place by internal and external professionals. 

4            Additional Duties

In addition to the indicative duties of a level 3 School Learning Support Officer  , it is expected that the following duties be preformed when required

                         Assist in the implementation of specialised education intervention programs such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

                         Assist the teacher or external professional in understanding when there is a communications difficulty between them and the student.

                         Provides feedback on education and therapy programs and participates in the evaluation process relating to the achievement of goals in special education

                         Provides feedback to parent or caregiver as to a students progress but only under the teachers direction.

                         Manages classroom resources or stores by maintaining and updating inventory lists, monitoring stock levels and requirements and submitting requisitions to the teacher when stocks are low for approval.  

                         Ensures a safe and hygienic storage and handling of foodstuffs and food preparation utensils.

                         Assists the teacher in the delivery of planned education programs including the operation of computers and smart boards, lifting gear and bus strap downs for wheel chairs. 

                         Ensure that appropriate equipment and or workplace modifications are undertaken to maximise the students learning potential.

                         Ensures all administrative and record keeping is accurate and up to date.

                         Counsels students on matters affecting their education and relationships with others in the school.

                         Assists the teacher with the care and supervision of students in and out of class activities and on school excursions.

                         Assist the teacher in meeting the health requirements of students with disabilities.

                         Assist with the arrival and departure of students, including vehicular access on taxi and busses.

                         Assist the teacher or other School Learning Support Officer's by moving students and when required by changing student from one piece of equipment to another.

                         Assist students undressing, bathing, showering, toileting, dressing and where necessary, cleans soiled clothing and areas. 

5.           Professional Development

For staff to remain effective in their role it is important that they maintain their skills via ongoing training.    

The School Learning Support Officer:-

                         Enrol in training courses that maintain the skills required to carry out the position. 

6.           Qualifications

                          Current Drivers Licence

                         A Working Computer Knowledge Office and education programs

                         A Teachers Aide Special or similar qualification. 

7.         Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria are identified as being required to achieve the outcomes in the context of this position.  Applicants will need to provide evidence of their capacity to transfer their knowledge and skills to achieving he outcomes of this position. 

                         Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills, including report writing and the ability to effectively interact with students with a disability and liaise with parents, teachers and community members.

                         Demonstrated effective interpersonal skills with the ability to contribute to a professional team and provide advice and evaluation in the development of the special education program, including therapy and personal needs programs.

                         Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of health and physical disabilities in students with a disability.

                         The physical ability to lift and manipulate students with assistance where required.

                         The ability to drive and if possible gain a licence to drive the school bus.


Wages Information

A School Learning Support Officer at Elouera Special School is paid under the Independent Schools NSW (Support and Operational Staff) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2017.

 As of February 2017 this equates to $33.19 per hour and $1825.74 per fortnight based on a 55 hour fortnight.

 School Learning Support Officer  staff do not get paid during none term time other than four weeks over the Christmas break once a full year has been worked, pro rata for less. 



Applications are to be sent to

The Chief Executive Officer

Elouera Association (Inc)

PO Box 271









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