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Elouera Industries is the largest manufacturer of quality export and local pallets in the region.  Following a huge upgrade and modernisation of our factory we now produce a product that is second to none.

We specialise in lightweight soft wood export pallets however our designs ensure they are strong and built to meet what ever your requirements may be.  By using planking thickness and quantity that matches the job requirement you can be confident our pallets will meet your needs

Elouera Industries is certified under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme and can provide export pallets that meet all of the requirements for heat treated pallets under this scheme.

Manufacturing Quality Export Pallets

We manufacture our pallets on one of two pallet machines, these machines ensure that every pallet is the same and built to exact measurements.  The Pallet Chief machine from America is set up to manufacture our largest selling product, Skins Pallets.  These have four bearers and this machine holds the nail guns firing all four at once as the machine passes pre set sensors. 

The Yoogali Machine is for our larger pallets such as the 1125 and 1165 export pallets, it is set up so we can easily change to meet the specific needs of an order.  Some customers like 8 top planks and 5 bottom for heavy loads while others may select less.  All of the stacks of pallets are strapped in bundles of 10 or 11 for safety when loading and unloading trucks or moving the pallets in the yard.  We are one of the few manufacturers that do this.   

Branding the AWPCS Logo

Most manufacturers of export pallets stamp the certification mark on their pallets in ink which fades quickly especially when stored outside.  We came up with a better method using a burnt in brand that presses the certification mark into the timber making it a permanent mark even after the colouring of the brand fades.  We have four brands on each pallet so they can easily be spotted when the shipping container is opened.  Two are on the outside of the pallet and two inside so no matter what way around the pallet is, the inspector will see you have complied with the legislation. 

Waste Recovery, Joined Bearers (the pieces of timber between the planks)

Timber is expensive, especially the heat treated timber used in Export Pallets so we looked at many ways to minimise waste and maximise the amount of timber we used from every piece we purchased. One method we use is joined centre bearers.  We get many pieces of timber with a knott or split that we can recover enough from two such pieced to make one bearer.  By using two gang nail plates we can rejoin two pre cut sections and make one strong bearer, in fact once joined they are as strong as any non joined bearer. 


The Pack Saw and Construction

There is a lot of pieces of timber to be cut when making a pallet, a single export pallet can have 16 pieces of timber.  To save time and to ensure that every cut is made very accurately (within 5mm); we installed a pack saw.  This huge machine is basically a 3 metre long chain saw with electronic measuring.  We can cut 144 pieces of timber at once saving us time and you money. 

Our Pack Saw ensures we can process orders faster than ever before.  Our standard sizes of 1065, 1125 and 1165 ensure we have always got stocks of material ready to process.

Planking is docked and then processed on one of our two Multi Rip saws so every plank on a pallet is the same thickness.  Many budget pallets on the market have uneven planking however we pride ourselves in the quality of our product, just because our pallets are reasonably priced doesn't mean they need to be low quality. 

Specialised Pallets, Boxes and Packing Timber

We also can construct specialised pallets to meet a specific need, these can be to suit a particular product, box size or need.  We can also manufacture packing crates or provide branded packing timber.  Remember if your packing a shipping container for export every piece of wood used must be certified or you can face the cost of the load being fumigated on arrival or being sent back to you.

Call us to discuss your needs.


31 Yass Road


PH (02)6942 6586     FAX (02)6942 4833

EMAIL allan@elouera-association.com


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