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About The Job

Employees with a disability are required at our Pallet Factory in Cootamundra.  Employment is designed to meet your specific needs and wages are productivity and competency based.  We have full time and part time positions. 

No previous timber working experience is required as we provide full on the job training, new employees will be gradually introduced to the various tasks we undertake.

Elouera Industries operates a well equipped factory that currently produces around 4000 pallets a month, our Pack saw that cuts entire packs of timber, our Multi rip saws that then process this into planking etc and our two pallet machines make employment safe and very interesting.

You will also be producing pallets that are certified for export as we are licensed to produce these and are proud to place the brand below on our products.


We can provide transport to and from work for people living in Temora.  Our coaster bus does this run daily.  Employees at Elouera Industries learn many skills, they are a very social group that work well as a team.

How to Apply

Contact Julie Young at our head office on 02 6942 1505 or email her on julie@elouera-association.com .  Julie will organise a tour of the facilities and discuss at length working at Elouera. 


We do have a number of basic requirements to work at Elouera which we will discuss with you and you will require approval from Centrelink however if your currently receiving a Disability Support Pension the chances are you will easily qualify for our specialised employment support.  If your not sure just ask us and we will discuss this. 


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PH (02)6942 6586     FAX (02)6942 4833

EMAIL eloueraassoc@ozemail.com.au


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