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Community Participation Services

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Emrollments for Community Participation Program

The Community Participation Program is for school leavers with a disability for whom work is not an option at that time.  In your final year at school or the year you turn 18, the school will inform the Department or the Association of Independent Schools that you require assessing for post school programs.

In our case at the Elouera Special School this occurs around March April and assessments are carried out by the Association of Independent Schools staff who spend time at the school meeting with you, your family and teaching staff. 

Around September you will recieve a letter informing you of the outcome and if you qualify for Community Participation and at what level.  You may also be told you qualify for another program such as transition to work.  Funding is based on needs and you may be granted funding at one of four levels, this is detailed in the letter you recieve.

You then shhould look for the service that best meets your needs and in doing this consider things like who has a real centre vs a shared facility, do they have staff who have worked with people with a disability for longer periods and do they have transport to acctually access the community. 

Once you have found your service provider fill in the form provided by ADHC with your offer letter and have the outlet sign their section and submit it for you.  

Life Choices

While similar to the Community Participation Program in nature, this program is aimed at an older group who for what ever reason are in need of a program and they are currently not placed or recieving any supports.

Places in this program are limited with only a handful released each year.  To apply you need to meet with the Elouera Association Chief Executive Officer Allan Young and he will assist you in preparing an application form and budget and submitting this to ADHC. 

Once funding is approved (this can take some time ) then an individual program is designed to meet your needs.

Transition to Work

Like the Community Participation Program this program is assessed in the last year of school when you turn 18.  It is infact the same assessment however you may be assessed as someone that work may be achievable with some additional supports. This is a three day per week program that has the aim to assist the individual gain the skills and confidence to enter the work force.

Like with the Community Participation Program once you recieve your letter form ADHC in September you need to shop around and find a program that will meet your needs.  We suggest organisations that have and employment arm are by far the best for this program as they can provide job sampling and work experience in a supported environment more easily. 

Activities can include work experience at one of our businesses or other workplaces, training, worksite visits and some community access activities.

If work is not achieved in two years the individual will be rolled over into a Community Participation program.  If TTW is offered but it is felt this is not the right program, we can assist with an appeal. 


Once you are registered to attend our services we will assist you to apply for a Mobility Allowance from Centrelink.  This will provide you funds to offset the bus fees we charge for transport.  We will never charge you more than what you recieve in this allowance and in most cases our fee is less

We have a daily bus in Temora and Cootamundra and vehicles from Young and Harden to Cootamundra.

The Elouera Centre has two mini buses of its own to allow them to easily access the community and travel around the region.  Staff pick up and drop off those accessing the service to and from their front door.

While Elouera does not receive funding for transport, it is recognised that in this region without it, many people would not be able to receive much needed supports.

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